Bad blocks on hard disk

Bad blocks on hard disk

Post by C.R. Burto » Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:00:00

        I've got the problem of bad blocks on me hard drive.

When I install it sometimes works and then goes screwy. I've had the following

        fs with a Hole at offset xx

        Bad group number x

When I format the drive with the Setup disks with Check turned on I still
have the problem..

Is there a hard disk formater that fill find and mark my Bad Block's or do I
buy a new HD ????

The drive is a Seagate 249MB IDE, on A VLB multi-controller.

Thanx Burt.


1. How to lock the bad sectors on the hard disk without reformatting the hard disk !!??

Hello, dear Internet friends !!

Anyone can tell me if there is any utility to lock the bad sectors for
the ext2fs under Linux without re-initiating the harddisk.

I used "fsck /dev/hdaX" to fix the filesystem but it could not lock
the physical bad-sectors. When I wrote something to hit the bad
sector, my Linux Panic could get Kernel Panic due to accessing
some bad sectors. "fsck" or "exfsck" cannot fix them and it can
only recover the damaged file system only (NOT the bad sectors).
Can you tell me how to do ?

Thanks for your creat help !!!

Best Regards. Louie

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