ALSA Problem

ALSA Problem

Post by duma.. » Sun, 26 Nov 2000 02:40:44


I've got a crazy problem with the ALSA sound driver (Version 0.5.9d):

I'm getting sound, but my computer is playing the first second of the
stuff in an endless loop (WAVs, MP3s, ... no matter).
I thought it could be an interrupt problem, but the interrupt (5)
is not shared (according to /proc/interrupts).
I've also tried all possible interrupts and DMA-values, with
ever the same result.

The modules (opl3-sa2 for my OPL3-SA3 chip) are loaded correctly,
/proc/asound/sndstat says:

Sound Driver:3.8.1a-980706 (ALSA v0.5.9d emulation code)
Kernel: Linux custom 2.2.17 #1 Sun Nov 19 13:20:12 CET 2000 i686
Config options: 0
Installed drivers:
Type 10: ALSA emulation
Card config:
Yamaha OPL3-SA3 at 0x370, irq 5, dma 1&3
Audio devices:
0: Yamaha OPL3-SA3 (DUPLEX)
Midi devices:
0: MPU-401 (UART)
7: system timer
0: Yamaha OPL3-SA3

After downloading the ALSA- and Kernel-source (2.2.17) I set up
and compiled both according to the READMEs (Kernel
with modular sound support but no drivers etc.).
I tried to compile with/without isapnp support, but no chance.

If someone knows a solution, please help me!


Klami (desperate)


1. ALSA problems

Hello again!

I switched to a new kernel, that is, I compiled a 2.4.2 kernel,
installed the most recent stable ALSA drivers, and now I have some
problems with sound (beyond the usual remaining problems with VIA AC97
under linux).

Each and every system boot resets the mixer channels to "mute", since
alsasound complains that no soundcard "snd-card-0" is found, more
exactly it is alsactl that gives that message and that it cannot set
any mixer settings therefore.

But despite this "no soundcard found" message, I do have sound!?
Only that each and any time the channels get muted again.

If I change the name of the soundcard in asound.conf, it doesn't help;
if I delete asound.conf, I get a message that asound.conf is not
found, if I just do "touch asound.conf" I get a parse error.
I can't use amixer and alsamixer, because they also think that there
is no soundcard.

I should add that I did a fresh compiling and installing of all the
needed parts: alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-utils.

I now wrote my own workaround:
I use nmixer (which is part of mp3blaster), because this one works; I
call it from inside /etc/rc.d/alsasound with all the channels unmuted
and output of the call passed to /dev/null. Well, this works, so I
should be satisfied.

But isn't there a clean way to get alsactl etc. behave all right
(finding and recognizing the soundcard without any error message)?

A second problem is that ALSA doesn't give me sound in any of the
quake games (except quakeforge's quakeworld which I could compile for
SDL sound output). Furthermore, midi doesn't work directly, only by
intervention of timidity, but I can live with that.

Please, don't recommend the 2.4.2. kernel modules instead of ALSA: I
tried extensively, they don't work with my VIA AC97 (via686) chipset
(the best I can get is scratchy wav and permanent crashes, no mp3, no
cd audio etc.).

Suggestions anyone?


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