HELP : PS2 mouse - HP Vectra VL series 3 5/90 mouse wont work.

HELP : PS2 mouse - HP Vectra VL series 3 5/90 mouse wont work.

Post by Departamento de Informatic » Sat, 06 Jul 1996 04:00:00

We have installed LINUX, but when we try to run X-Windows we got the  following message :

        Fatal server error :
        Can not open mouse (device for resource busy)
        xinit : Now such file or directory (errno 2) : unexpected signal 13

        we have the file "/dev/psaux" and in the file XF86Config we have the following lines :

        Section "Pointer"
                Protocol "PS/2"
                Device "/dev/psaux"

thanks for your time.

Noel Lopes & Paulo Nunes


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