How to Change Sendmail Queue Options

1. Linuxconf ignores sendmail option changes

Does anyone know the proper way to tell Linuxconf about sendmail options
We want to change the PrivacyOptions value, and following the directions at
the top of doesn't work.

We're running RedHat 6.0, and the linuxconf directions at the top of say to copy the desired file to /etc/mail/mailconf and make the
changes there, and linuxconf will include it instead of the original in
/usr/lib/linuxconf/mailconf. In this case, we've created
/etc/mail/mailconf/ and put the new PrivacyOptions value in it.
When we tell linuxconf to regenerate, the updated value doesn't
get applied. To make it appear we have to edit
/usr/lib/linuxconf/mailconf/, which the instructions tell us
not to do.

Any ideas?
Kipp Hawley
Trax Softworks, Inc.

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