Help! SCSI problem w/ Redhat 5.2 installation...

Help! SCSI problem w/ Redhat 5.2 installation...

Post by Noah L- » Sat, 19 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hey everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I'm working on getting a
little box up and running (from parts given to me/found etc.) and I've
run into a fairly big problem from the get-go.....if someone can give
some advice, I'd be forever in debt....

Here's the setup:

Intel Venus 440FX Motherboard w/ Pentium Pro-180 CPU (just flashed to
latest AMIBIOS, 1.00.18.CS1)
Generic Trident 1MB PCI Video Card
Buslogic Flashpoint LT PCI SCSI Controller (BT-930)
Quantum Fireball TM 3200 3.0 gig SCSI Drive
Linksys Ether16 16-bit ISA Ethernet controller
Old 3 1/2 inch floppy drive.

That's everything in the system.  The problem is as follows (I apologize
for the vagueness, but I haven't been able to pinpoint the problem --
maybe someone can at least give me some testing ideas?)

I'll get to the 'setup disks' stage in Redhat 5.2, and the SCSI
controller will blink red for a bit and linux will report "I/O Error" on
the drive.  Sometimes I can even get it to recognize that a drive is
there, but it will cycle between the "partitioning swap space" menu and
the "You need to partition swap space" dialogs  before crashing in some

The problem began when I booted up for the first time and the SCSI BIOS
would only detect the drive occasionally (every three reboots or so)
And sometimes it detects the drive as a QUANTUM_FIREBALLTM_3200S and a
QUANTUM_FIREBALLTM_1080S (it is not a 1080S).

Now, the weird part is that the system seems to works fine when I boot
to a DOS disk. (??)  FDISK is able to see the drive and partition it
.....why would this be??

I've tested the SCSI controller/drive in my main PC and both work
wonderfully...I ran the drive under NT for a few hours the other day and
burned some CDs using it as a scratch disk, so I'm fairly certain both
the drive and controller are functional -- but linux is having a hard
time with it.

Could this be some sort of I/O conflict?  IRQ?  Do I need to pass some
parameters to LILO on the Redhat boot disk?

Again, I'm sorry things are so vague but the system is just behaving
miserable and I'm not enough of a guru to nail things down....

Any help would be wonderful!!



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get the system run as a whole.

Again: any help appreciated,
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Department for Engineering&Applied Sciences, Harvard University
109 Pierce Hall, 29 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA-02138, USA

phone: (617)-496-8318
fax  : (617)-495-4551


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