X Install no Problem with Peanut

X Install no Problem with Peanut

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For all the newbies like me out there struggling with the X server,
try the Peanut distro.  Caldera2.2, corel, RH5.1, SuSe6.2 could not
configure my ATI Rage 128, but the Peanut did.  I'm now up and running
with KDE !!!
I have struggled with SuSe6.2 for months, even got the new drivers for
my card but to no avail.  What I don't understand is SAX came up fine
during setup but could not get the X running - no screen found.
Now I can play/understand linux.  Thanks to the Peanut team.!!!!!
You can get it from http://metalab.unc.edu/peanut.  I'm sure the new
release with KDE2 would even be better.

1. Peanut linux install

Here's a couple of  ways,  and you should be sure your BIOS is set to boot
from the floppy drive .

Use superformat to make an msdos floppy
$ superformat  /dev/fd0

cp -p  the kernel image onto it,  naming the file
then umount it and run
# syslinux  /dev/fd0   and create a file called
syslinux.cfg  that looks like this

 DEFAULT linux
APPEND root=/dev/hda2 ro

With the last line having, of course,  your root partition instead of mine.

any additional  boot commands  should be
written after   root=....    seperated by a space or

Mount it again and  cp the syslinux.cfg file to the
floppy and you are ready to go.

This would be the "raw"  kernel  image  ( bzImage
or  vmlinuz , etc, not  a boot floppy image

Or,  find a 1.44  boot floppy image on the cd and  copy it as below  so
directly to the floppy if you can, or to an intermediate file on your system

The docs should tell you what kind of formatting
the bootfloppy image requires.

(this is done  without mounting the devices)
as root
dd  if=/dev/cdrom/*/*   of=/dev/fd0  bs=8192

if  means input file  of  means  output file
bs means  bullshit   :-)      (block size)


     Bellingham   Washington   USA
     bburhan1    AT   earthlink   DOT  net

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