Installing 'X' from SlackWare 2.2.0 in a SlackWare 3.0 system?

Installing 'X' from SlackWare 2.2.0 in a SlackWare 3.0 system?

Post by Arcadio Alivio Since » Thu, 09 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I've downloaded and installed all of SlackWare v.3.0 except for the X
Window system and utils and NTex.  I'm getting ready to download the rest
of SlackWare 3.0, however I do have SlackWare 2.2 on CD-ROM.  

Would it be alright if I just use the X Window system that's in SlackWare
2.2 in my SlackWare 3.0 system?  Are they both the same version (except
one is compiled for ELF and the other is compiled for a.out)?  In fact,
wouldn't it be better for me to use the a.out version of X Window because
(from what I heard) a.out is faster than ELF and I have no plans of doing
any mods to the X Window source (is it included BTW?).  Or is there
enough significant differences between the SlackWare 3.0 X Window and
SlackWare 2.2 X Window that it'll be worth my time to download all 20+
disks of the 3.0 SlackWare X Window package?




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Hmmm that's weard. Why didn't they put such  importend stuff in the A
series...Thanks. I'll give it a try..
Mybe it's the same for terminfo? I get a message "terminfo not defined:
can't open /usr/lib/terminfo/c/con80x25"
It doesn't exists so thats right, but when copying them from the CD it's
not working either :-(

               Sjoerd Krol

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