RH 6.1 and D-Link DFE-530TX

RH 6.1 and D-Link DFE-530TX

Post by Jack Zh » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi all,

I remember when I installed RH 6.0 and config D-Link DFE-530TX NIC, I have
to download 3 boot images disks from RH site to do the custom installation.
(linux supp). Now I want to install RH 6.1 in a box also has a D-Link
DFE-530TX card, do I have to download these similar image disks from Redhat

RH6.1 does have simliar boot images, but I really don't know if I have to
use these. Any successful experience of RH6.1 + D-Link DFE-530TX NIC? ( My
PC is a IBM- PC with Pentium 166 CPU).

Thanks a lot! Pls also email me  a copy!



1. D-Link DFE-530tx Rev A-1 and DFE-530tx Rev D2

Freebsd ver 4.0 and 4.3   the Rev A-1 board is recognized (pci) perfect.

the Rev D2 board is a PIA.. I did manange to foolaround with the
/usr/src/sys/pci/if_vrreg.h file and get it

to been seen but then the MAC addr comes back all zeros ??

is there anyway to get this new board to work..

I did note on the rev D the  Vendor ID = 1106  the product 1186   1300

on the old one ( rev A ) the product something like  3043..

anyhelp would be great..

this took me way to long to find..

code fixes ?? any tricks ??


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