problem linking support for /dev/audio and /dev/dsp

problem linking support for /dev/audio and /dev/dsp

Post by Chaso » Wed, 12 May 1999 04:00:00

When I run make config I do not get an option to add support for /dev/audio or
/dev/dsp.  So even though my soundcard works using cdp and is present under
soundstat I get device not supported when I try to play sound files.  My sound
card is not listed under audio in soundstat.  Please help.
Chason Hayes

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After I compiled all the necessary components
for sound support for my sound card, I have happy
to say linux detects my sound card...but there is
one problem I am as of yet unable to use the card..
since the necessary devices in /dev were never made...

In newere kernel releases the file
/usr/src/linux/drivers/sound/Readme.linux which contained a
script at the end of file which created the dev files
is no longer present.  Could someone tell me where this
file is now located?  Or where I can find a script to
create the dev files?


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