Pb with lpd

Pb with lpd

Post by Thierry Beneit » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have a problem with lpd

When I want to execute lpd, I have this message :

 Jan 26 15:09:49 hurricane lpd Setuplog: open /dev/null failed -
Permission denied

 The rights of the device /dev/null are :

 crw-r--r--   1 root     sys        1,   3 Sep 23  1996 /dev/null

 My kernel version is 2.0.35.

 If someone has an idea about that...


1. lpd // setup Pb

I've installed a slackware distribution of linux 2.0.0 ,
upgraded recently to 2.0.35 :

* // printer support is included in kernel
* cat * > /dev/lp1 "works" ( send something )
* a printer entry is defined in /etc/printcap on /dev/lp1

But ... lpr or print doen't do anything execepted creating a lock file
in coressponding
spool dir.

lpc status is always printing enabled, queing enabled but NO DEAMON
lpd is listed in ps output. it is reported to be started at boot time.
Where am I wrong ?

Thanks in advance


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