Help: LI error message

Help: LI error message

Post by Aaron Sho » Tue, 02 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hello, I posted before about setup problems..

A slight change, after trying a BARE file from another site, I now get the
message 'LI' (and it hangs again) when I boot off it to try to install for the
first time.. which is slightly better than getting no message at all I
suppose.  I know that probably refers to LILO, but I don't know what
I can do about it, or what it's saying..

Does this change my situation, or is this just a flakey hardware problem?

Thank you,
Aaron S.


1. "LI" boot error message

Upon booting the rehat 7.0 server box, it freezes and just hangs at the "LI".
If i use a boot disk it will give me the boot: prompt. However, i am a newbie
so I dont know that much else. I just searched google and found a bunch of
things on this error message however, i dont understand the terminology. and I
am very confused. Could someone give me a hand just to get this thing back on.
Please. Thanks.


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