DNS problems

DNS problems

Post by Brian L. Wal » Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:00:00


        I am having a problem setting up my new Linux system. I am
using the Debian 1.2 release from InfoMagic. I was mucking around with
my name server files (hosts, resolv.conf, ect...) in an attempt to get
inn up and running. While this started out a kind a fun thing to try,
or course I messed something up. The problem I am having is that my
machine cannot associate a IP number with its name. My machine is not
connected to a network, except when I dial in to my PPP account.
        From my only slightly educated perspective, it appears that
the machine is not checking the hosts file where I have defined a DNS
number ( to be associated with my machine name. Any body
have any ideas how I can get this working? This is causing all sorts
of problems, for example lpr refuses to print with some error about
not knowing where it is printing from.
        Below are copies of the related files:

hosts:       localhost       ppro.physics.purdue.edu ppro

search physics.purdue.edu purdue.edu

order hosts, bind
multi on

Does any body have any suggestions on how to get my system to know its
own name?


Brian Walsh