NFS root; Some programs (eg: gpm) are broken on the client

NFS root; Some programs (eg: gpm) are broken on the client

Post by TheB.. » Thu, 28 Aug 1997 04:00:00

As you might guess, I'm experiencing a problem.

Case in point is gpm, but some (not all) other programs break too.
My system is RedHat 4.1, Linux 2.0.27.  The motherboard has an AMD 5x86 on it,
and the serial ports are on it (as opposed to being on a card by themselves).

As part of my booting sequence, I run gpm.  It just hangs, preventing the
system from coming up.
I had to break my startup script (so that it doesn't try to run gpm) so
that I can get in to multiuser mode.

I can, of course, try running gpm (actually, gpm -t logi -R) on the command
line, but, as expected, it hangs.  SIGINT gets the prompt back.  The
_really_ weird thing is that if I run the exact same invocation through
strace, it doesn't hang.  It services the mouse and everything.
It is a really big pain to log in as root and do the strace thing every time
I bring the system up.

Running kermit on the mouse port (ttyS0) produces a similar hang.  I haven't
tried it with strace.  Why would strace make a difference?

As I mentioned, this is not the only problem program.  Accelerated X cannot
open display 0 (though XFree86 runs fine).  Netscape dumps (Bus Error, I
think) on a 16 color visual, but that might just be the notorious libc
problem.  Actually, either of these could be unrelated to the serial port
problem.  I haven't found any others yet, but they're probably out there.

I don't know for sure that this has anything at all to do with the fact that
this is a mostly diskless workstation.  It seems to be a likely culprit, though.
I temporarily have all remote filesystems mounted rw with no_root_squash, to
no avail.


1. gpm-0.96 with the new gpm-root utility

Hello Linuxers,
        this message is to announce the new release of the
"General Purpose Mouse" server. gpm is a daemon which makes the
work of `selection' with the additional capability of providing
client applications with mouse events. Emacs support is offered
within the package.

The package is available from
and will be moved to the directory /pub/Linux/system/Daemons.
Alternatively, look at

====== WHAT'S NEW?

The new release embeds man pages for the three executables "gpm", "mev"
and "gpm-root". "gpm-root", then, is an utility to draw menus on the
background of the Linux console, to perform a variety of tasks. Some
problems with busmice should be fixed with respect to 0.9.

====== Why not 1.0?

There's a slight bug with `The Midnite Commander', which will be fixed
ASAP, with no official announce.

gpm-root lacks sub-mwnus and the capability of reporting the output
of a pileline; moreover, the high-level library for clients is not ready.
Both of them will be fixed in January 95.


__( )/( )____           I am italian, but I didn't vote for them...


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