Modem Auto answer help

Modem Auto answer help

Post by Mark Lit » Tue, 20 May 1997 04:00:00

Would anybody know how to set up Slackware for having the modem auto
answer and ask for a username: and password: and then drop that user
into there home dir?

Thanks in advance!



1. HELP: need an auto-answering modem with a getty

i need to have a modem answer calls and put a getty (or other login
method) on the port.  i tried mgetty, but it is very...unfriendly.  it
answers then it gets noise and hangs up.  i tried setting auto answer
("ATS0=1"), then running an agetty on the port, but that worked once,
then never worked again...the inconsistencies of modems baffle me.  does
anyone have any suggestions as to how to make this work?  


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