Help: Lilo ignored at boot time.

Help: Lilo ignored at boot time.

Post by Sean Woolco » Thu, 15 Jun 1995 04:00:00

        Hi, thanks for any help,

        This is my setup:

        8M RAM
        405M drive for Linux (jumpered to be master)
        850M drive for DOS  (jumpered to be slave)
        DOS 6.22
        Linux 1.2.2

        I have a 405Mb drive for Linux, and an 850Mb drive for DOS.  I
had both OS's going fine on their respective drives, when I decided to
split my DOS drive into 2 partitions.  I did this with FDISK.EXE.  When I
tried to put DOS back on the big drive, the setup program would only allow
me to install DOS on the first drive(Linux's).  I tried a lot of
different things, but finally gave in and put DOS on my small drive,
wiping out Linux.  I then copied DOS over to my big drive and reinstalled
Linux on my little one.  Now I have these problems:

        I can boot Linux with a LILO boot disk, but if I have nothing in
a:, I get the "NO ROM; SYSTEM HALTED" message.  When I installed LILO in
the Master Boot Record, LILO's install didn't ask me which drive to
install it on.  I assume it was on the same as the root fs, the master drive.

        I cannot access the big DOS drive at all.  I can format it from a
DOS boot disk, or from the Disk Manager software that came with it, but
when I type c:, or d:, it says "Invalid drive specification".  From
Linux's fdisk I can see the big drive, but Linux does not recognize it as
a DOS drive, so I can't mount it.  

        I have been through this routine several times now.  If you have
any suggestions, please post or mail them as soon as possible.

Sean Woolcock

Sean Woolcock