Printer not working!

Printer not working!

Post by Hans Kristian Erikse » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have a big problem with my printer (HP890). It simply will not work
under Linux (but it's great under NT)! The symptoms are:

1) When I try to print something, the printer receives data (a light
flashes), but after about ten seconds, it gives a signal as if it was
out of paper. Which it naturally isn't. If I after this push the
reset/continue-button, it loads one sheet of paper and prints out one
full horizontal line (divided on several verticals if needed), and makes
it look like this:

                                                        ######## (end of

2) One time I tried this, the output was as follows:
Unrecoverable error: typecheck in .putdeviceprops (one line down)
(1488)op_array(513)0x81e8894:Ex (end of line)

Looks pretty ugly to me, but maybe it has nothing to do with my

3) The "Print ASCII directly to port" choice in printtool works however.
It gives the output "This text should appear on the printer on
/dev/lp1". Something like "echo testing > /dev/lp1" fails.

I'm running Red Hat 5.1, with ghostscript 5.10. This problem seems
however to be independent of versions, since I tried out the old RH 4.2
with the same result. I even checked my old HP DJ500C, which worked
perfectly earlier, and this printer also wouldn't work.

The problem appeared when I installed my new HP890, and was printing out
test pages in printtool. The three first came out normal, and then
suddenly, when I changed papertype, the whole thing died. And never woke

If somebody knows what's wrong, please tell me. If not, please give me a
general way of testing it. From the very simplest up to a fully working
system. Please...

Thank you in advance

Hans Kristian Eriksen


Printer not working!

Post by Hans Kristian Erikse » Wed, 15 Jul 1998 04:00:00

The problem was due to an old cable. Seems like Linux is a bit more
demanding than NT when it comes to cables...

Hans Kristian Eriksen


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