Solved: root login OK, user login incorrect.

Solved: root login OK, user login incorrect.

Post by Robert L. Bottemill » Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:00:00

In late Dec. I described a problem which can be summarized as follows:
1.  Red Hat 5.1 installation went smoothly
2.  root login OK
3.  users' login rejected despite evidence of OK password file

Several kind responses (thanks) were logical sounding but not

I ordered "Red Hat Linux Unleashed" (David Pitts & Bill Ball, 3rd ed.;
including RH5.2) and received it yesterday.  Page 487 contains the
following illuminating passage:  "...The login program checks for the
existence of the /etc/nologin file.  If it exists, logins are
disabled."  Sure enough, my install of RH 5.1 resulted in the file
nologin present in /etc.  I renamed it nonologin, logged out as root,
logged in as one of the previously-unusable users and VOILA -- login

I look forward to continuing work with Linux and expect to frequently
reference "RH Unleashed/3"...thanks Dave and Bill.

Bob Bottemiller

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1. SOLVED: FTP login problem - real users cannot login

I wasn't able to solve the problem by adding to /etc/hosts and finally
resorted to setting up full forward and reverse zone files on my cashing
DNS.  This has solved the problem and I now get blazingly quick
connections and login prompts for FTP.

I have the line
    hosts:     files nisplus nis dns
in my /etc/nsswitch.conf which I thought was what told services to check
/etc/hosts before DNS.  Is there another place I need to do something
like this to get services to read my /etc/hosts?

The final mystery is why everything worked fine for more than 2 months
and then suddenly required a full DNS to operate properly.  I'm glad it
is working now, but these unsolved mysteries leave a bad taste in one's

Thanks to all who have offered advice.

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