Where is Modem Module?

Where is Modem Module?

Post by Greg B » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am slightly new to linux, however I have learned to do a lot
with RedHat. I am impressed with it . I am running RH6.0.
The problem I am having is this: When I installed the system
It gave me a choice of a dialup server using a modem, or I
could install it as a server with a LAN card. Well I would like to
have both function. I went ahead and installed it with the LAN
card and it functions well, but know I need to install the modem
module so I can get my modem to work. I did the command
lsmod and only saw the modules for the NE2k card, no modem
modules. The question I have is where do I install the module from,
the RH CDROm as an rpm. I have mgetty already installed using rpm.
Also will this module be a source file that needs compiling, and will
I have to re-build the kernel?
And the bigest question is: What is the module name that controls the modem?
what file name am I looking for?
note: My kde x-window system does not work very good with my Diamond
card, so I will need to do it without the x-system.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

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