Serial line looped back

Serial line looped back

Post by Christopher Chand » Fri, 23 Aug 1996 04:00:00

After i compiled the kernel 2.0.13 and then ppp 2.2.0f, i can not connect to
my provider.
reason, Serial line looped back

here is my syslog:
Aug 21 00:02:15 chandra3 pppd[962]: Serial connection established.
Aug 21 00:02:16 chandra3 pppd[962]: Using interface ppp0
Aug 21 00:02:16 chandra3 pppd[962]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/cua3
Aug 21 00:02:17 chandra3 pppd[962]: Serial line is looped back.


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1. serial line looped back

Hiya all..

Have recently installed the redhat edition of linux on a 586-100 pc with
32megz of ram.

Have a seperate phone line and a permanent 28.8 connection to the net.
The linux box acts as a route over a 10meg ethernet network.

My problem is that when i initiate a ppp call just at the point where
ppp should become active i get the message 'serial line looped bank'
That was when i try to connect from X.

From a shell if i run the PPP-ON script then i get the message 'kernal
not configured for PPP'. This is quite misleading as not only have I
recompiled the kernal for PPP as a module, but I have also tried it
compiled directly into the kernal.. and yes I have also made sure the
module source is correctly installed.

So.. any one able to help????????


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