SOLUTION: nfssvc: function not implemented

SOLUTION: nfssvc: function not implemented

Post by Thomas Camero » Sun, 02 May 1999 04:00:00

Howdy all -

I dug around and couldn't find an answer to this very quickly, so if
this fix is common knowledge, please forgive me for wasting bandwidth.

If you compile a new kernel in RedHat 6 and at boot you get the error

nfssvc: function not implemented

then you need to recompile your kernel with "Prompt for Development
and/or incomplete code/drivers" (CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL) set to Yes.

I found this out after I compiled kernel 2.2.7 on RedHat 6.0 yesterday.
I am running a production box, so I am pretty conservative with my
kernel settings - no experimental settings enabled.  I enabled all the
available NFS services (except emulate Sun NFS) in make xconfig.  After
reboot, rpc.nfsd reported the error:

nfssvc: function not implemented

and my machine would not serve NFS.  Very odd.  I recompiled the kernel
twice, double checking that all the available NFS server settings there
were enabled.  Still no dice.  Then I finally found a posting by Dominik
Kubla on a European server
( and I enabled
CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL.  I then found the extra NFS server setting
available in network file systems.  I enabled it, and now I have a happy
Linux box.  I think that the new RH uses the new (experimental?) kernel
space NFS server instead of the user-space one, and this has to be
enabled in the kernel.

Side note - anyone have any opinions on using this "experimental"
setting in a production operating system?

I am posting this so that any other folks new to RH (I am an old
Slackware guy) who have a hard time fingering this out can find it with
a quick Dejanews search.

Thomas Cameron, CNE, MCP, MCT
Three-Six* Technical Services, Inc.*.com


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nfssvc: function not implemented.

Most other nfs daemons (portmap,rquota etc) work.

Any ideas?
Could it have to do with the fact the kernel is a 'clean' kernel without
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