Help! RedHat 4.1 Install problem

Help! RedHat 4.1 Install problem

Post by Wayne Bon » Tue, 18 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I've retried installing RedHat 4.1. I'm still having problems.

I installed all the base series .rpm files on my DOS partition
(c:\redhat\rpms). The install appears to find the files, but in going
through comps it starts complaining from the first line naming a
.rpm I've not installed:

        package bin86 at line 102 dne

and proceeds to complain about every line in comps up to the end.

When it gets to the end, it starts trying to open the RPMS files
and fails with:

        fatal error opening RPMS database

I don't know what to do. I downloaded all the base files in binary
mode, and the comps file is complete and residing in c:\redhat\base.

I previously installed a version of Slackware with no problems - yet
everyone in this group seems to think RedHat is easier to install!
I wanted to try RedHat for the package management.

What format should the filenames of the .rpm's take in DOS? Does
it matter whether the DOS filename contains more than just the
package name (eg setup-1.rpm)? Do the name in the comps file need
to be the same as the DOS names?


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