Adding pppd to monkey linux?

Adding pppd to monkey linux?

Post by MrPin » Fri, 08 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I've got monkey all set up, and it has ppp support running as a module, but
I can't find pppd or anything even remotely related.  Has anyone gotten
monkey connected to the internet?  
        I am using monkey on a laptop with a tiny hdd, and can't afford to
partition and limit my usable space under linux or dos.  I tried doslinux,
which was fuller featured, but  way too big after linux and X were
installed.   It left me with about 10megs free, not enough to use for my
job supporting dos/win, so I went back to monkey.  The only downside is
that i can't find pppd or lpd.  The printing I can deal with by dumping a
file to the DOS directory and printing it when I reboot, but that is such
an ugly workaround.  The pppd I can't work around.  The whole idea of
putting monkey on the laptop was to give me a mobile linux
websurf/mail/news station, without slogging thru windoze.  I even tried dos
web apps, but linux seemed the way to go.  Until I tried to connect, that
is.  Please, if you have gotten monkey set up with pppd reply and share
your widom with me before I am forced to admit defeat before my boss and
return the laptop (that was the deal:  I can prove I can set up a non
intrusive linux on a small system, and the laptop was mine to use for many
moons), which would be a sad thing.  Thanks for your help.


1. Add pppd to monkey linux?

How would i add pppd to monkey linux?  I can't find the command anywhere in
the dist.  I downloaded ppp-2.2.0f, but I don't know if this is the way to
go.  The monkey uses kernel 2.0.30, and I'm using ppp as a module.  I
haven't been using linux that long, and have done little compiling.  I'm
running monkey on a laptop, but also have slackware setup on my box.  Can I
cheat and just swipe a few files from slackware?  This would be my
preferred method, if possible,  as the laptop is hurting for resources and
a compile would take forever.  I looked at all the docs on monkey i can
find, but no mention of pppd is given, and I don't want to mess it up now
that everything else works perfectly.  Can anyone give me a kick in the
right direction?

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