kwintv: How do I know if I have Video4Linux correct? (RH 6.0 - KDE 1.1.1)

kwintv: How do I know if I have Video4Linux correct? (RH 6.0 - KDE 1.1.1)

Post by Michael Hage » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Can anyone point me to a good resource for installing and verifying the
install of video4linux?
I'm not stupid. Or illiterate. I'm just terrified of overwriting something

My Hauppuage WinTV card (BT878) is recognized at IRQ 11. The card works
under an ... um.. OTHER operating system, so I know hardware and cable
signal are OK.

The KDE install put what looks like a kwintv executable in /opt/kde/bin. (It
doesn't execute. Nothin.)
There are some image files in /opt/kde/share/apps/kwintv/pics ... little
interface widgets.
And dcoumentation in /usr/doc/packages .
This seems awfully skimpy and I wonder if the package failed to install

I've downloaded kwintv-0.7.5.tar.gz  but hesitate to install it until I'm
sure I have the drivers and libraries right. The kwintv home page install
instructions start from the presumption that you've already installed the
video4linux stuff. A Building3 "Video4Linux" web page seems to suggest that
I probably have the required files but I'm not clear if I need to recompile
the kernel (never done that) or build it as a module (never done that
either). Other stuff I've read suggests that the RH default kernel probably
already has everything including the kitchen sink compiled in and I'm more
likely than not already OK.

If there's a different TV viewer program that installs easier, I'd
appreciate the advice.



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