INN 1.4 failing without UNIX domain sockets and network interface

INN 1.4 failing without UNIX domain sockets and network interface

Post by Charles Gre » Fri, 03 May 1996 04:00:00


I've been through all the FAQs, READMEs and HOWTOs I could find on this
topic, and the closest thing I could find was mention that reading news
could be a problem under this configuration - nothing about posting.
(I was also cautioned against posting this to any Linux newsgroup,
but my posting to resulted in no response.)

In any case, I'm running Slackware Linux 3.0 and trying to use INN 1.4.
(I've tried the package which comes with Linux, as well as compiling the
latest "official" sources, and I've even tried the "unoff4" release.)
When I use "Pnews" to post an article, this invokes "inews" which connects
to "localhost" on the "nntp" port, which I can also do with "telnet
localhost nntp".  Instead of speaking with "nnrpd", which provides a "post"
command, I end up speaking with "innd" itself, which doesn't.  I've made
sure that "localhost" isn't in the "hosts.nntp" file, but it is in

During one of the rebuilds, I played around with various #defines, and
discovered that the success or failure of getting to talk to "nnrpd"
revolves around the UNIX_DOMAIN #defines.  Sure enough, in innd/rc.c:

        #if !defined (DO_HAVE_UNIX_DOMAIN)
                rp->Address.s_addr = inet_addr(LOOPBACK_HOST);
                rp->Name = COPY("localhost");

Thus, if you don't "HAVE_UNIX_DOMAIN", "localhost" is, effectively, forced
to be in "hosts.nntp".

When I change the configuration value for UNIX_DOMAIN (which contradicts
what the documentation states for Linux, of course), I get thousands of

        innd: ME cant recv CCreader Invalid argument

syslog messages.

I have no Ethernet card in my machine, so there's nowhere to permanently
hang a hostname which I can connect to (other than making it synonymous
with "localhost", which fails).  By bringing up a PPP link, I can find
out what IP address my end has for that session; I can then 'telnet' to
that IP address and port 'nntp', and I *do* get to talk to an nnrpd -
but that's pretty impractical.

I suppose, if there were a second loopback interface at an address other
than, I could set my local hostname to that.  However, I find
it hard to believe that, in all the Linux systems out there, that everyone
who doesn't have an Ethernet interface can't run INN.

So, if anyone could provide a suggestion which will keep me from punting
myself back to C news, I would be both (a) grateful and (b) happy to
summarize to the group.


Charles Green
   O__          "Team Tandemonium"      Charles Green

Charles ???????                         Sterling, VA USA


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I'm running 0.99pl15 with net2e-beta4.  Netstat shows that there are unix
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