ip-forwarding && dns-forwarding

ip-forwarding && dns-forwarding

Post by Joseph O » Wed, 27 Jun 2001 00:10:48

Hi I own a domain name on networksolution's  server, and I did an ip-forward
to my
ip address, but the name doesn't show up as well when it is forwarded(when
the domainname is typed in the browser, it converts to my ip-address on
reaching my
computer)...Is there a different between ip-forwarding and dns-forwarding??
What should I do, if I want my name still maintained in the location bar...
Thank you..

1. Linux 1.2.13, BIND, & sendmail 8.7 mail store & forwarding for non-ip domains

I am looking to provide internet dial up mail services for 4 of my non
IP connected friends.

I am running Linux, BIND and sendmail.  

They all wish to have their own .com domain.

They all require me to be their email forwarder.

I set up one such test person today as a test seeing if I can store
mail on my server.

After setting up a DNS entry for them and then sending mail to that

shortly there after returned a message indicating that the MX record
for newdomain1.com pointed back to my server.

How do I go about setting up a DNS entry or sendmail config that will
allow for me to become a mail store and forwarder for my friends?

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