RedHat Linux 5.2 Troubling Installing on Dell 466/T

RedHat Linux 5.2 Troubling Installing on Dell 466/T

Post by AG Foi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hey, I've bought a copy of RedHat5.2 From Best Buy awhile ago and it didn't
work right away so I just let it sit for a while but now I have my mind set on
getting it to work. I want it to run on a Dell 466/T with 1GB HD 486/DX2. I can
get it to go to the install screen but when I push enter it starts to load the
image thing and then my monitor losses output. The screen goes blank and my
green light goes yellow..Any idea what's going on? I would try to load it on a
better computer if I could get one that I could play around with.


1. MegaRAID Express Plus 466 and RedHat Linux 5.2

    I've just got a new server with the MegaRaid Express plus 466 controller
and two SCSI hard disk drives. After installing the hardware and configuring
the BIOS for RAID level 1, I got problems installing the operating system.
    I've been able to install windows NT without problems but not the same
for RedHat Linux 5.2.
    I've used the Linux installation disks that AMI distributes on its ftp
site and followed all the steps given on the README document. The
installation goes Ok untill I tell Linux I got an AMI MegaRAID SCSI
controller, then it is unable to find the SCSI hard disk drives and displays
the following message:
    "I can't find the device anywhere on your system"
    What can be wrong?. I don't think it is a BIOS or a hardware
missconfiguration because as I've said before the NT OS has been installed
    Hope you can help me quickly. Thank you.

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