Debian Initial Bootup

Debian Initial Bootup

Post by Jim Van Zan » Tue, 25 Nov 1997 04:00:00


Quote:>search for my SCSI Controller (2940UW).
>1. If I setup my system to either dual-boot for Linux/Win95/WinNt (Using the
>NT OS Loader per a Mini-How-To (didn't work right 8))) or I use a floppy to
>boot Linux, why does it take so dang long to intialize?!?

Trouble has been reported with the Adaptec 2940 driver in the 2.0.30
and 2.0.31 kernels.  (I believe Debian 1.3.1 comes with the 2.0.31
kernel.)  I suggest you install a 2.0.29 kernel, or a recent
development kernel (2.1.64 or so).

As an alternative, you might hit ^A when the Adaptec ROM BIOS runs at
boot time, and experiment with different adapter settings.  I don't
have that card, so I can't help with the details.

(Incidently, the 2940 driver is flakey because Adaptec doesn't provide
appropriate documentation.  BusLogic drivers are solid, because they
do.  You should keep this in mind next time you shop for an adapter.)

                         - Jim Van Zandt


1. help: get a "cannot open initial console" on bootup error

This problem came completely out of the blue for me.  I've successfully used
my RedHat 6.1 Linux box for about 4 months now and I'd be darned if I could
tell you why I got the above error message--which basically halts the bootup
process and the kernel goes into a panic.  The only thing I did recently was
install Samba 2.05 for use with Windows machines on my network.

I even used a rescue disk as an alternate way of booting but that
unfortunately led to the same result.  Any general input on where I can
start to fix this problem?



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