I have a question

I have a question

Post by Livio Poropa » Mon, 26 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I would love to put Linux back on my system...but if it weren't for the
problem with Mach64's and greater then 12MB of ram.  Does anyone know if
this problem has been (or will be) fixed?  I'm currently running Win95
and...well what can I say?


1. Question regarding jumpstart server having two interfaces

Hi Folks,

We have a ISL VLAN based subnetted network with a CISCO router
at the center.

We have people in more than one subnet who want to jumpstart
their Solaris 7 boxes.  So, instead of setting up a boot/install
server in each subnet, I set up a jumpstart server with two
NICs, one connecting to subnet 1, the other connecting to subnet 2.

The second NIC is a Znyx netblaster zx345q, a good inexpensive
($90, considering) PCI fast ethernet card which works with Solaris.

Now, boxes on the subnet which is connected to the NIC on the
motherboard (hme0), subnet 1, can jumpstart without any problems.

'boot net' as well as 'boot net - install' work.

However, I cannot jumpstart systems on the other subnet,
(znb0) subnet 2.

'boot net' works, but not 'boot net - install'.

Some additional information:

The box gets all the network parameters from bootparamd
but gets stuck while saying "Searching for a suitable jumpstart


I made sure the bootparamd contained references to the znb0
IP address for systems trying to boot from subnet 2.

I set up a laptop on subnet 2 and made sure I could mount
the jumpstart box's jumpstart directories etc.

I did a tcpdump and it seemed the jumpstart server's second NIC (znb0)
wasn't replying to ARP requests.

However, that seemed like a quirk because to mount its filesystem
on my laptop, the ARP reply had to be there.

But I don't see the ARP reply during a jumpstart trial.

Any ideas, suggestions??


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