Linux & Win95 Date's problem

Linux & Win95 Date's problem

Post by Leo Cacciar » Tue, 10 Jun 1997 04:00:00

  Well, here I'm! I got my Linux box installed on my PC.
  Linux is installed on an hd (/dev/hdd) and Win95 on the other
(/dev/hda). I just a little problem concerning date and time setting. If
I do it under one os --say Linux-- and then reboot on the same os
everithing is fine. But if I boot on the other os the date and time are
wrong. I suspect something in the way the two systems handle the

  Of course, I could tell one of the two systems (for instance Win) that
I'm on GMT instead of GMT+1. But this will work fine but for the changes
in DST...

  Anyone has an idea?
Leo Cacciari


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In my login file I have this :

setenv fred `date '+%D'`
fgrep $fred ~/.diary

But with a file whos contents is : something like

12/12/9  |  Description of date.

and the current date output being "12/12/91" it does not print out that line, any

also does date '+%D' give 01/01/91 or 1/1/91 type output?

Any help please?????

PS. Could you reply by e-mail, thanks. I shall summerise if I get any requests.

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