Red Hat 6.0 FTP install hangs

Red Hat 6.0 FTP install hangs

Post by Howard Chen » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

  When I tried to use FTP install on Red Hat 6.0, it hangs while
downloading/installing the packages.  I have tried a couple of ftp
sites, and each time it hangs at a random point.  It always hangs
after it starts to transfer a file, but before anything has actually
been received.  ie.  the progress bar shows up, and Alt-F4 shows a
message saying "transferring...".  However, the size of the file (seen
from Alt-F2 in the shell) remains 0.  I typically wait for 10min or
more and it's stuck.  Does anyone know if this is a bug or just a
problem with the ftp server?  Does anyone have a reliable ftp server
to recommend?




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