Linux not recognizing extended partition, help

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I would like to know if some of you have the same problem as I.
I have a 30 go Maxtor Hard drive- IDE model.
I made 2 primary partition in fat 32 + 1 primary Linux partition + 1
extended partition with linux logical partitions. Partition have been
created only with partitions magic 5.0.

Unfortunately during the installation of Red Hat 6.1 disk druid or fdisk do
not recognise the hard disk which is hda. After several tried I understood
that the problem come from extended partition? It seems that Linux has
difficulty to recognise extended partitions. . Also I tried to create
partitions with Linux tools and the problem is the same.

The message error is the following which comes during the installation of
Red Hat 6.1 when I select disk druid :
An error comes during the reading of partition tables in block hda. Error
was Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide

The bios is correctly st in LBA position and there is no problem with my

If some of you has the answer, it would be kind of you?


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