LAN card trouble! Need a Linux guru!

LAN card trouble! Need a Linux guru!

Post by Sudd » Fri, 23 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I'm trying to install network support in my Mandrake 6.0 distribution of
Linux.  My card is a EtherFast 10/100 from LinkSys.  It uses the tulip

After updating the dependencies (depmod -a) I issue a modprobe tulip.o
command and get the following message:

init_module: Device or Resource busy

I looked in the /var/log/message file and found:

Localhost kernel: Unknown Tulip-style PCI ethernet chip type 11ad c115
detected not configured.

Can any Linux gurus out there help me configure Linux for my LAN?



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   I'm using RH7.2 on my research lab trying to run a small Intranet
within my college. I have primary name server from my LAN
administrator and a gateway from him so that my machines can browse
the Net.
   Okay, here's my question :

   I'm setting up a RH7.2 linux server for this few computers for
Intranet trial run, running Mail,Usenet and Web server. Given that all
the other computers in the organisation is given a DHCP meaning
dynamic ip address from my SysAdmin, he advises me to simply put a
static ip( on my Linux box and make use of that instead
of dynamic ip.
   My request is that, shall i set up a DNS server too so that other
machine can refer to instead of using ? If i need a DNS server, what shall i do to set it up ?
   Can anyone point me to any tutorials or manuals/doc that i must go
through ?

Thank you.


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