2 button mouse doesn't emulate 3 button mouse

2 button mouse doesn't emulate 3 button mouse

Post by Ro » Sun, 08 Nov 1998 04:00:00


installed suse 5.3 for the first time.
i have a 2 button microsoft mouse connected to the
serial port. in the x setup app SAX i chose "emulate
3 button  mouse".

Left button  works, middle button by clicking both is
also ok. but the left button shows no reaction.  no
menus, nothing.

any cure?

and is there a way to get the mouse menus
via a key combo without the mouse?

thanx in advance.



1. mouse:2 buttons OK, but 3 buttons doesn't

 I have a 3 button mouse. If I uncoment the 3 button emulation in
XF86Config. The cut and paste works for 2 buttons, but I have to press
the left button with great force to get the menu, not easy to use. After
I commented the 3 button emulation, the cut and paste doesn't work. I
run make config, but didn't see the 3 button emulation, so I could not
modified the kernel for the option.
 Anybody know how to make the 3 button cut and paste work?
 Thanks in  advance!

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