Banyan Vines and Linux

Banyan Vines and Linux

Post by Michael Van Canne » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00


I've got the following problem:
My PC is connected to a Banyan Vines network, using an ARCnet card.
I have Linux installed on one of the partitions, and I would like
to set up the network capabilities.

I've been able to build the kernel with arcnet support,
so that's already working.

The net, however, is unreachable. I suppose Linux (TCP/IP) and
Banyan vines use different protocols, and that this roblem is
inherently unsolvable.

Trying to run Banyan vines under DOSEMU doesn't work also.
I'm supposed to use NDIS network card drivers, but there is no
info on how to do that.

Result: No net, not under Linux, not in a DOS box...

Is there anyone out there who has come across these problems, and
who can help me ? Even the smallest piece of information would be



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question for a while.  Can anyone offer any help?  I really don't want
to have to use '95/NT to do my Vines based stuff. tia.

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