can't mail myself

can't mail myself

Post by Roland Guenter Ap » Thu, 18 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi !

I can not send eMail to any user on my own LINUX PC.


Tells me the mails I sent are queued and postponed (did I spell this
correct ?). (I can't include the message here :-(( ,not with me now.)

Mails sent to me via POP3 from other PCs are also in the mail-queue.

Why is the mail not delivered ?

Hints via eMail would be of great help to me. TNX


/ Roland Apel

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/ FTP:


1. Can't deliver mail to myself..

Yes, it's a newbie problem. I've tried to mail myself using 'elm'
and 'mail' results. I've checked /usr/spool/mail but
tehre are no mails for root and other users (i've created some).

I use Linux 2.0.0 and ...and what i herad is only clicking of my HD/
Any idea what should i do to fix teh problem? I use Linux 2.0.0 and
have chaged my hostname with 'netconfig'.

Thanks a lot!

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