Help this newbie with Lilo please

Help this newbie with Lilo please

Post by Erik de Castro Lop » Sat, 14 Feb 1998 04:00:00

> This id my first ever install of Linux, I am using the Debian that came on
> Novembers Boot disk just to get a handle on things.

> I need help with Lilo, I have read the Mini How-to but I am still lost. The
> first time I ran the installation it would boot to DOS but not Linux, I ran it
> agaoin and it would boot to Linux but not DOS.

Here's a trimmed down version of my lilo.conf file with comments. What
you're probably missing is the 'prompt' and 'timeout' commands.

'Prompt' means that it will allow you to chose a image/other to boot,
and if you wait longer than 'timeout', it will boot the first image.

Hope this helps,

# LILO configuration file
# Start LILO global section

boot = /dev/sda1        # The main boot drive

prompt                  # Prompt for what to boot
vga = normal
ramdisk = 0
timeout = 100           # timeout before booting first kernel in 10th of a sec

append="mem=96M"      # Req'd for more than 64Meg of RAM.

# End LILO global section
# Linux bootable partition config begins

image = /vmlinuz-2.0.31
  root = /dev/sda1
  label = Current

image = /vmlinuz-2.0.30
  root = /dev/sda1
  label = Old

other = /dev/sdb1
  label = dos
  table = /dev/sdb

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P II 266
Tekram motherboard Bx (intel chipset )
64 Meg SD-RAM (PC 100)
6.4 Gig Hard Drive.....

anyways, I want to be able to just divide my hardrive 3.2 gig to Windows
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