Configuring X for a Cirrus Logic chipset

1. Help: Configuring Cirrus Logic cl6420 chipset

I have a TI TravelMate 4000 DX2/50 laptop with 20 megs.  I have
recently installed the Debian release of Linux and I am currently
working on installing the XFree86 X-Windows system.  I have the
following problem:

After configuring XFree86 by running xf86config and using startx or
even simply x to fire up the GUI, my screen doesn't quite draw itself

It runs without any errors except the GUI appears as 9 mini-windows,
and they are too small to make out anything.  I know its running,
because I can see pixels change when I type.  I can exit an xterm and
it closes something in one of those mini-windows, but still, it's way
too small to make out anything.  The only was I can exit is to
<ctrl-alt-bkspace> and it kills the GUI, but freezes the keyboard
input.  The only thing left to do is a cold boot!

So I've tried tweaking the dotclocks, the vertical and horizontal
refresh rates, etc, etc, etc...HELP!

Has anyone out there successfully installed X-windows on a TI
TravelMate 4000? I have read and re-read the HOWTOs, I have a copy of
the O'Riely "Running Linux" book, I've been watching the newsgroups, I
have tried for over a month to get this to work, can anybody help?!?

A post to this newsgroup or even a personal email would be GREATLY

Thanks in advance ;)
Christian N. Abad

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