lprNG / lpd & Mail -s question on InfoMagic Slakware April 97

lprNG / lpd & Mail -s question on InfoMagic Slakware April 97

Post by Adam L. Kle » Wed, 21 May 1997 04:00:00

I've recently installed the InfoMagic Slakware April '97 relase.  I
previously had the December '96 Slakware - which worked quite well.  I've run
into two frustrating problems with the new install that I cannot quite figure
out and could use some suggestion / direction with.  

I have read the relevant HOWTOS, searched DejaNews, and fiddled a bit.  The
man pages are somewhat helpful, but don't address the problems I'm having.

        1.  When booting, lpd reports:

            1997-05-20-09:05:18 lpd Get_local_host: hostname 'dynamic220' bad

            and when I print (lpr -Plws360) to my previously configured
            printer, I get:

            Get_local_host: hostname 'dynamic220' bad

            Under the previous install (with the older lpd / lpr), I had my
            printer configured and working just fine.  I'm running
            dhcpcd-0.65 to get my IP address, so the hostname will change
            whenever I get a new IP.  

            I'd really like to be able to print, and I'd prefer to use the
            newer lprNG and lpd - rather than just removing it and installing
            the old lpr / lpd stuff.

        2.  Under the 'old' (Dec '96) install, I had installed
            sendmail-8.8.5-ELF (binaries) by hand (following the instructions
            with the executables.  This time (April '97), I let the setup
            program install sendmail, and just copied my saved
            /etc/sendmail.cf into place.  Mail does work (locally and remote)
            without a problem, but I had several scripts that used 'mail
            -s <subject> <recipient>' that no longer work.  If I do a 'mail
            -s ...', I get

            55 (9:11am)dynamic220::ttyp1 ~> mail -s "Foo" alklein

            CORRECT>rmail -s "Foo" alklein (y|n|e|a)? no
            mail: Command not found.

            I have no mail executable.  I've got sendmail and mail.local
            though.  How do I get mail -s back?  It's not in the
            sendmail-8.8.5-ELF tar on sendmail.org or sunsite.  For now I'm
            using elm -s, but I really would prefer to use mail -s.

        Any suggestions or advice on how to deal with either of these
        problems would be appreciated.  Pointers to documentation or
        references with explanation of how to solve either of these problems
        would also be useful.

Thanks for any assistance.

Adam Klein

Adam L. Klein