Adding to 'Foot' Menu in Enlightenment?

Adding to 'Foot' Menu in Enlightenment?

Post by Ignacio Valde » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hello all,

I've been able to add usernet to the taskbar on the bottom of the
screen, but what I really wanted to do was add it to the 'Foot' menu,
specifically User items in RH 6.1, Gnome, Enlightenment. It isn't
obvious, at least to me, how to do this as I've right clicked,
propertied, and also looked at the Enlightenment configurator without
success. Any help is appreciated.

-- IV


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Okay, I'm stupid. How do you put a new item on a submenu on the main
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bottom, but can't stick it onto the foot menu. I'm running RH 6.1 with


-- IV

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