Odd bash behavior and search for Korn or Posix shells

Odd bash behavior and search for Korn or Posix shells

Post by Dennis Putna » Sat, 27 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have a .bashrc set up on but it only seems to get executed on the
second and subsequent logins. Yes, it is bazaar. After booting Linux I
logon to my ID and the .bashrc is not executed. If I logoff, then from
that point on the .bashrc script is run everytime until after the next
boot. What in the world could possibly be going on?

As a second issue I am not a particular fan of bash nor csh. I prefer
the Posix shell or the Korn shell. Can someone tell me where to find
both or either? I can come up with references to the Korn shell but the
sites are all non-English and I have been unsuccessful figuring out how
to get the shell.



1. Convert Bash shell script to Korn shell script

The following bash script works fine to delete all files that are
older than $1 minutes. To execute this script,
bash cleanup +10

find /mypath -type f -cmin $1 -exec rm -f {} \;

Unfortunately, now I just realize I need to make it work in Korn
Shell. Even I
change the header from #!/bin/bash to #!/usr/bin/ksh, and execute the
script by ksh cleanup +10, it still have
different errors:

cleanup[9]: -cmin:  not found.
cleanup[10]: -type:  not found.

Looks like it doesn't work anymore. I think I need to re-write the
Korn Shell script that do the task.
I tried to search for equivalent Korn shell commands but unsuccessful.

Please help. thanks!!

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