Linux Time setup - Daylight savings

Linux Time setup - Daylight savings

Post by Mike Corbi » Thu, 21 Nov 1996 04:00:00

This is probably a simple question but I would like to know how to set
my computer date and time in Linux to EDT as opposed to EST.  I know how
to set the rest of it with the date command but how do I do this.

Since this is a easy problem just email me.



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I am sure that this has been rehashed a bunch of times, but I can't seem
to get it through my thick  skull...

I have a RedHat 6.0 system, 2.2.13 kernel.  I need to configure the darn
thing to keep the right time.  I can't seem to correctly configure the
hardware clock so that it correctly deals with DST.

I tried setting it to UTC using RedHat's tools, but it had no effect.
The time zone information must be correct, since the calendar displays
EDT, but the hardware clock and the system clock are now exactly
backwards.....  The hardware clock is one hour ahead of the system

Wed Apr 19 13:48:25 EDT 2000
Wed Apr 19 14:48:26 2000  -0.940635 seconds

What files do I need to change (by hand, not through possibly broken GUI
tools) to make this right?



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