Problems with cd-rom

Problems with cd-rom

Post by zkp.. » Sun, 02 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I am having a problem getting linux to recognize my cd-rom, I bought
the book LINUX Unleashed and it has slackware 2.2.0 on it, however, by
the looks of the installation program, this book was not written for
this version. When I get to cd-rom it asked  What Type? I entered
ide/Atapi, and my cd-rom is an IDE/Atapi 4X, it asked me what I wanted
to name it and I entered a lot of different names it listed. After all
of this it starts all of this over again. What type? ...etc. I have an
ACER P75 minitower. If any one can help, please write.- thanks


1. Problems mounting CD-rom with Audio CD

I was trying to mount CD-rom containing an audio cd, but got error
message "Wrong medium type".
The CD player works fine, and mounting data CD's is no problem. I
suspect I should use some special mounting type for audio CD (other than
iso9660), but don't know which one to use. Any help is greatly

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