Teac CD-Rom w/16 bit card

Teac CD-Rom w/16 bit card

Post by a.. » Sat, 27 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me how to get Linux to recognize my Teac CD-rom which
has its own 16 bit card? The address is 02ch.



Teac CD-Rom w/16 bit card

Post by David Efflan » Wed, 01 May 1996 04:00:00

>Can anyone tell me how to get Linux to recognize my Teac CD-rom which
>has its own 16 bit card? The address is 02ch.


This should have been in the 1.2.13 kernel (don't know where
instructions are).  1.3.x kernels have instructions under
linux/Documentation/cdrom.  You configure the kernel with the sbpcd
driver set up for Matsushita and set it to look for your address first
and sbpcd type 3 in linux/include/linux/sbpcd.h

I only have the 8-bit card.  Does video or anything seem quicker with
the 16-bit card?

David Efflandt/Elgin, IL USA


1. 1.2.8, TEAC 4x CD-ROM (SB-16) and Seyon problems...

 Okay, I upgraded both my hardware and my software at the same time.
Probably a bad idea, but what the heck. I've got most things working,
but there are two and a half problems.

 1) I installed just fine off of my TEAC 4x cd-rom hooked to my SB-16.
(Slackware did have a problem mounting the cd the very first time, but
after the second attempt things went swimmingly.)
 On boot, it pauses for a while while it inspects my cd. I edited lilo.conf
to say "   append "sbpcd=0x230,SoundBlaster"   " and installed it, but it
still doesn't seem to like the drive much. I don't have the error messages
handy, though. (I'm in dos at the moment, darn it.) I can get them if it
would help.
 I can *sometimes* mount iso9660 cds. When they do mount, everything
works just fine but they mostly don't. 'mount' doesn't return the most
useful error codes, either.
 Workman usually won't even notice that a cd is in the drive. Once, it
did, but and recognized it from its database (from a 1.1.59 kernel and
a 2x cd-rom I used to have) but it refused to play it. Hitting the
buttons did nothing.
 Any clues? Do I have to use an older version of sbpcd.c and sbpcd.h? If
so, how do I get them off my 1.1.59 cd without installing over everything?
 (My SB *is* on IRQ 10, but that's almost certainly not the problem.

 2) Seyon dislikes my modem, a Digicom Scout (28.8 v.34). Every time I
ask it to dial, it insists that it's online. Telling it to hangup has
no effect. Well, the hangup succeeds, but trying to dial still gives the
"online" error. I've forced both Seyon and the modem into hardware flow
control, but they don't like each other much. Any suggestions?

 (Both the modem and the cd-rom work fine in dos, of course, but so what?
Who cares about dos? :-> )

 2.5) Not really important, but when I'm root my ls's are in color, but
when I sign on my mortal account, it's depressingly monochrome. What can
I do?

 On the bright side, my Diamond Stealh 64 DRAM was immediately configured
by xf86config and, with the latest S3 server, X works marvelously. Thanks
to the net.personages who suggested this fix - I had the server downloaded
and ready before I installed!


 "An apple every eight hours keeps three doctors away." - B. Kliban

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