HELP!!:I've tried everything...

HELP!!:I've tried everything...

Post by MICHAEL . LYO » Sat, 09 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying very hard to install Linux on my home system.
        i486DX2,16M RAM, 325M HDA (WDig) + 1.62G HDB (Maxtor)
I have a CD with Slackware 3.0 on it.  I've tryed the boot/root disk setup
utilities which come with the CD.  They don't work - the boot disk doesn't
recognize the large HD.  So I downloaded some kernel images and rawrote them
onto disk.  I used the ABARE image.  After entering "mount hdb=3158,16,63",
it was able to recognize my system and see the partitions.  From there, I
was able to "setup" disk sets to my delight, but when I try to make the new
boot disk, I get an error when I swap the floppies.  (I have 1.44M floppy
drive.)  No biggie, I set up LILO on the MBR (which doesn't work because of
WIN95) and exit.  I must get back into Linux by using the ABARE imaged disk
and setting up /dev/hdb4 as the root.  I can access the system, but when I
try to use any sort of editor, I get a "Unrecognized terminal type: Linux"
scrolling down the screen.  HELP!!  I can't get into VI or JSTAR or EMACS to
edit the terminal script, what now?  I also would like to know if anybody
can help me with the CD problem, I have the CD, but none of the kernel
images on it are able to be used - they don't read my HD IRQ.  

Sorry for the length, but I'm at an end.  I've tried for three weeks to get
Linux set up and running smoothly on my system.  I've read everything I can,
but nothing is helping.

Thanks ahead of time.

Mike Lyons



1. HELP!-I've tried everything and PPP still is dead!

Hi All,

    I still can't get my Sparc 2 to dial out and connect via PPP.  I
talked to Sun Tech about the problem that I'm having.  They have no clue
(Big surprise!) what wrong with my set up.  So I turn to you guys a few
weeks ago.  Thanks to all you I now have better idea off what makes
Solaris 2.6 tick.  But the problem of connection is still  there!  I
Reinstalled several time to make sure that everything is set up exactly
to what all the emails say.  But as soon as I type

# /etc/init.d/asppp start

All I get is another line.  No activity from the modem and the asppp.log
says that the script was successful.  Then when I type

# /etc/init.d/asppp stop

The system stops on my screen that is open.  If I open a new window or
use the CDE control panel that I can start new things but I have no
control over the windows on the screen.  At this point is I look at
asppp.log.  It says that PPP connection could not connect!

    What been tried so fare:
-Sun Doc on how to set up ASPPP
-Sun Doc on how to set up a modem
-Numerous Step-by Step instruction from a dozen people from this group.
-Change of PPP software from Solstice PPP_3.0.1 to ASPPP
-Change of modem from USR x2 to USR 14.4.k
-Changing the modem from ttya -ttyb (software and hardware)
-Playing with every PAP script known to man kind.

  All the Docs explain exactly the same thing so I know that the files
are set up correctly. Also I know the modem works because I can dial out
and connect using tip.  As well, a friend of mine installed RED HAT
Linux on a second drive for me.  I can get a PPP connect running Linux
in seconds!  I don't know enough about unix to deal with two different
version of it plus I can't find any software for the Sparc version of

    So if anyone has any ideas how to get a SPARCstation2 with 64 mb ram
and Solaris 2.6 to dial out and connect  PPP using a script or PAP
logon.  I'd really be a big help!


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