Jazz 16 sound card(SB 16 Compatible) Problem

Jazz 16 sound card(SB 16 Compatible) Problem

Post by Yang-Cheng Hsi » Tue, 04 Jul 1995 04:00:00


Is here anyone who has made his Media Vision's Jazz 16 sound card work under
Linux? It comes with Mistumi 4x CD ROM and is claimed as Sound Blaster 16
compatible. It works fine on my Win95 when I use Sound Blaster 16's driver for

When I configured my kernel, I used exactly the same settings that I used on
Win95. They are:

I/O base    : 0x220
IRQ         : 7
 8 bits DRQ : 1        (BTW, is DRQ equal to DMA?)
16 bits DRQ : 5

After I configured the system, I did a "cat /dev/sndstat", and the following

Sound Blaster:       |  Sound Blaster 16
I/O base: 0x220      |  I/O base: 0x220
IRQ     : 7          |  IRQ     : 7
DRQ     : 1          |  DRQ     : 5

I am wondering whether I can configure both Sound Blaster and Sound Blaster 16
to my system? Also, I am not quite sure if they can share the same I/O base
and DRQ settings? I did try to chose only one of the two during configuration.
However, if I didn't answer "yes" when I was asked whether I wanted to include
SB sound driver, then the configuraion script wouldn't go on asking me if I
wanted SB 16. But if I said "yes", then it would ask me to input values for
both 8 bit and 16 bit DRQ. Therefore, in the end, I'll have both SB and SB16
configured. Could my problem result from this?

I am wondering if there's any way that I can modify sound configuration
without doing "make cofig"? If yes, then I'll be able to delete the
entry/settings for SB(not SB 16), and see if it'll resolve my problem.(I