Gateway Solo 2000

Gateway Solo 2000

Post by Andrew Geor » Mon, 06 Oct 1997 04:00:00

if anyone with a Gateway Solo 2000 laptop could email me their XF86Config,
that'd be great.  the one on the linux for laptop page is not working for
me.   when i quit X, i cannot read the text on the console and i have to
reboot.  thanks again.

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1. Gateway 2000 Solo Multimedia Laptop

Just installed Linux Pro 4.0 from WGS. When I run X it does not fill
the entire screen.  I suspect that something needs to be "fixed" in the
XF86Config file, but am unsure since I am newcomer to Linux.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Brian Moss
Amdahl Corp.
Dallas, Tx.

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