kswapd in 2.0.11 on Triton (i430vx) loses - any fix?

kswapd in 2.0.11 on Triton (i430vx) loses - any fix?

Post by Lionel Clar » Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Not all the time, but about 1:1,000,000 it will just lose it and OOPS
out on me.  I've got this new Intel board, straight outta the box, w/
the PIIX ports, you know the one I'm sure.

        Unfortunately for me, 1:1,000,000 is more than 3x daily.  This is
getting really annoying, and my only consolation is that the kswapd in
1.2.13 blew as well occasionally.

        I've checked alla my HW with another similar machine in the office
here, and they match... which means they both bite, I'm fearing.  The
ports go, and I know that my 133 runs MechWarrior very well, thank you
(the only reason I have for the dos partition).  This thing manages
memory rather well, with only a minor sig11 on recompiling big projects
(like, the kernel in 1.2.13).

        My questions - has this thing been addresses and I just missed it (4
day holding on news right now) or is this kinda thing only present on
OUR triton-p133's?  If it's been addressed, has there been any
progress?  Will there be a .12 out soon that may have a fix for this
annoying habit I'm seeing?

        If my data was important, or if I actually paid a bunch for this OS
(what, 50$ CDN to Walnut creek?  How's that compare to 150$ for 95,
which runs worse imho) I may actually be antsy about the fix.  RIght
now, I'm kinda-ok with the resetting all the time, although I'm
interested in seeing this thing go away.

        Would an ASUS i430FX (p55tp4n) change this behaviour?  I can get one,
but I don't wanna unless It's more or less guaranteed.  (What, Am I
Gates that I can afford to be tossing my money away on useless

 - bish..