Removeable devices How to force device name ?

Removeable devices How to force device name ?

Post by Schuber » Thu, 21 Jun 2001 03:08:24

I'm running SuSE 7.0 with 2.2.16 kernel.
On the system ( 3 HD, 2 CDROM, all SCSI ) there is also connected an
IOMEGA ZIP 250 and a SANDISK SDDR-31 C ( Reader Compact Flash Card, via
To include the modules during booting procedure I modified the file
boot.local by adding following lines:

/sbin/modprobe -v usb-storage
/sbin/modprobe -v imm

The modules are loaded and both devices are accessible.

The usb-storage is assigned to /dev/sdf1 and the ZipDrive to /dev/sde4.
What I do not understand is that the sequence of how to load the modules
( as indicated in boot.local) does not match the sequence the modules
are loaded. Otherwise the usb-storage should be assigned to sdex
(x=0,1,..) and not to /dev/sdf. What is the mechanism behind that ?

Sometimes the ZipDrive is not connected to the system.Then the
usb-storage is assigned to /dev/sde1 Nevertheless I want the usb-storage
to be assigned to /dev/sdf1. How can I force this ?

In fstab I declared the filesystem for the usb-storage as vfat. Then any
user can mount the usb-storage easily just by clicking on the icon in
the KDE environment.

Where can I find the documentation so that I can solve the problem, or
is there another simple solution ?

Many thanks for your advice

Best regards



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I have a laptop with 3 NICs installed.

1 Linksys USB Fast Ethernet NIC (rtl8150 based)
1 3COM 3CCFE575BT Fast Ethernet Cardbus NIC (3c59x based)
1 3COM 3CCFE575CT Fast Ethernet Cardbus NIC (3c59x based)

All cards work OK.

My problem is that I can't find a way to force the use of a certain
device name for a certain NIC.

I would like the following mapping:

PCMCIA Socket 0: eth0
PCMCIA Socket 1: eth1
USB Device 2 (NIC): eth2

However, my USB NIC always becomes eth0. I hate that.

This is pretty easy to force on AIX and Solaris but I couldn't find a
way to do the same on Linux.

NOTE: My modules.conf contains the correct aliases but these aliases
only seem to be used by module related commands (like modprobe), not
to assign device names... For example, I can "modprobe -r eth0" and
the 3c59x module will correctly be unloaded (if not currently used).

Could someone tell me how to do this please?



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