ICQ in IP Masq / ipautofw problem

ICQ in IP Masq / ipautofw problem

Post by Kelvin Leun » Sun, 21 Jun 1998 04:00:00


I'm setting up a server with IP masq to serve my two other computers.
I get everything done and work fine. But when I use ICQ in the client
machines (Win95 & Mac). I follow the guidelines in Masq app website for
setting up IP Masq for ICQ and ipautofw doesn't work. I have checked
that the option is included in the kernel already. And then I try
ipportfw. But it still not successful. And I got the following error

setsockopt failed: Protocol not available

This happen whatever I execute ipautofw or ipportfw. Anyone has idea for



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Hi all,

    I set up a NAT box lastnight plugged my wireless radio into wan eth0
plugged my lan into eth1  running great just ICQ keeps losing the server
sometimes it will stay connected for 2 hours and others your lucky if it
will stay connected for 5 mins. Anyone have any suggestions or a script to
fix this? Any help appreciated

Eric Haskins
Wireless Broadband Tech

!!! Look Mom No Phone Lines !!!

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