RedHat 5.0, PCMCIA, Compaq LTE 5250, Docking Station

RedHat 5.0, PCMCIA, Compaq LTE 5250, Docking Station

Post by Terry L Ridde » Wed, 04 Mar 1998 04:00:00


I have been attempting to debug this for a little over two weeks
and have searched many archives for possible answers.

Hardware Background:
Compaq LTE 5250
   32 MB RAM
   2 PCMCIA cards
       3Com EtherLink III Combo Card
       MegaHertz Network/Modem Card
   2 IDE 810 MB harddrives
   Infra Red Port disabled

   1 NE2000 Ethernet Card
   1 Floppy
   1 CD-ROM
   1 PCMCIA Card
       Adaptec Slimline SCSI Card
   Infra Rad Port disabled

External SCSI Chassis
   3 1GB SCSI harddrives
   1 Exabyte 8200 8mm Tape Drive

OS Background:
   RedHat 5.0/Intel fresh install
   RedHat 5.0 Errata updates applied

   Original RedHat 5.0 Installation Kernel

   /dev/hda1 == /
   /dev/hda5 == /usr
   /dev/hda6 == swap
   /dev/hdb1 == /home
   /dev/hdc  == CD-ROM
   /dev/fd0  == Floppy
   /dev/sda1 == 1GB ext2fs
   /dev/sdb1 == 1GB ext2fs
   /dev/sdc1 == 1GB ext2fs

   MegaHertz PCMCIA Ethernet/Modem -- Model XJEM1144
       10Mbps Lan Adapter
       14.4/14.4kbps Data/FAX

   3Com EtherLink III -- Model 3C589C

   Adaptec SlimSCSI -- Model APA-1460A

   MegaHertz PCMCIA 33.6Kbps Modem -- Model XJ4336
       Have not tried this card yet.

PCMCIA Controller:
   According to NT
   Cirrus Logic I/O range 0x3E0 - 0x3E1
   Memory Range 0xD0000 - 0xD3FFF

   When PCMCIA services are enabled
   /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia edited to enabled PCMCIA services
   I am unable to mount the cdrom.
   I receive numerous error messages stating the interrupt timeout

   The network works fine, scsi access is fine, modem works.

   when PCMCIA services are disabled
   I am able to mount the cdrom.

   With the the cdrom mounted, edit /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia and
   enable PCMCIA.

   Issue command  '/etc/init.d/pcmcia start'
   network starts, scsi access is fine, modem works

   Now issue any command which attempts to access the mounted
   cdrom (/dev/hdc) and I receive either the same numerous
   interrupt timeout error messages or the laptop
   just hangs.

   Under both conditions 'lsmod' lists what should have been

What Does Work:
   As far as I can tell nearly everything else works.
   XF86_SVGA X-server works with a very edited XF86Config.
   The keyboard eraser mouse works fine.
   Even the sound works.
   Virtual console switching works.

What I have tried:
   Loaded MS-DOS/Win3.11 and ran Compaq Diagnostic programs.
   The laptop checks out the dockstation is not tested

   Using Compaq provided CardWizard verified that the
   configuration of each recognized PCMCIA card.

   Using 3Com driver/configuration software verified that
   the EtherLink III was configured and working.

   CardWizard verified no IRQ conflicts and no I/O Port

   Loaded NT-4.0 with service pack 3 - everything works
   but the network which I figure is an NT problem and not
   the hardware.

   Downloaded the latest PCMCIA code from David Hind's
   PCMCIA Web Page, compiled, and installed. No difference.

   Compiled a new kernel with the same config as the Installation
   kernel. No difference.

   Using a Compaq Elite 4/75C with SmartStation (Docking Station)
   removed harddrives from LTE 5250 and booted the Elite 4/75C,
   different PCMCIA cards, and different CD-ROM. Problem moved
   with harddrives.

   What am I missing?

Terry L. Ridder
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I have a Compaq LTE Elite 4/75CXL running Linux 2.0.20 (quite well,
actually) and XFree86. (Slackware 96) I also have a mini-dock,
which has an ethernet card and a SCSI adapter.

The generic kernel recognized the ethernet card but came up with scsi: 0 hosts.
The 2.0.20 kernel did not recognizedthe ethernet card no matter how many drivers I included that looked at all promising (it detected an Intel chip).

My questions: does anyone know what ethernet card driver and SCSI card
driver I should select to use the Compaq SCSI and ethernet cards in
my docking stations? Any if all else fails, can anyone recommend a
cheap, slow PCMCIA CD-ROM that works with Linux that I can use to install
Red Hat 4.0?

Thanks in advance. I already checked the Linux laptop survey and though
there was an entry for this Compaq I could not contact the person who
wrote it.


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